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Recorded TV Manager 4

The easiest way for me to explain how some of these things work is to use my own working Collection Rules as an example.

What follows is an annotated copy of my rules file as of 9/15/2012. 

x1Please refer to the command syntax here.

Note that although I've cut-and-pasted the file into this page, it's actually just one long text file.

Use Notepad or any other text editor to edit the Collection Rules file.

The option parameters are defined first.

MOVE BETWEEN 0500 and 1800

This restricts moving files to daylight hours only, when the computer (Zotac1) is not being used.  In this case, moving is restricted to the hours between 5am and 6pm.

Watch in TV room

The Media Center computer in the TV room is called Zotac1 and we only watch current TV series, mostly in HD, on this computer.

Zotac1 doesn't have a tuner and the new HD programming is recorded on another computer using a HDHomerun.

Transport controls like skip, fast forward, rewind, etc. run much better if the files are local but this small dedicated computer only has a 160GB HDD so I only want to store on it  what we're watching right now.

I'm using MOVE to move new programming to Zotac1.


This removes time restrictions and moves recordings at any time. 

Note that all the MOVE commands above will only apply between the hours of 5am and 6pm.  Everything else that follows will be applied at any time the computers are available.

Watch in exercise room

The computer named Dev1 is my original XP Media Center and development machine. It still has a working tuner (dvr-ms) which I use as a third tuner to record old TV series.

I use this computer as a TV in the exercise room which I watch while I'm working out.  I'm currently watching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie on Dev1.


These are series which I'm collecting, but not watching at this time.

The folder TV Collections is a 1TB HDD which I use for collections.

The folder WHS1 is the Recorded TV shared folder on my Windows Home Server.

I also store some things on my laptop.

Note that I don't include these collection folders in the Media Center Watched Folder List.  As a result, these series do not appear in the recorded TV list in Media Center while they are being collected.


These are series which I am storing on a different computer than I'm watching them on.

Channel 80 is my whole-house DVR.  Zotac1 is the Media Center computer in the TV room.

Note that in Media Center I don't include the collection folders in the Media Center Watched Folder List.  As a result, only one episode of the series shows up in the recorded TV list.  Whenever that episode is deleted then SmartMove will move the next one into the watch folder.

This is the PlayNext function.


Watch on Channel 80

Channel 80 is the Media Center computer that runs the whole-house DVR.

These series are all being collected to watch on Channel 80.

Some of these series are new programming but they are not moved to the TV room computer (Zotac1) because they are being watched someplace else and need to be widely available.

See My System for more information about Channel 80.

x6Missing metadata

The metadata in the Benny Hill recordings is incomplete, there are no titles or original air dates.  As a result, the AutoDelete options don't work correctly so they are turned off before the COLLECT command is processed.


Stop indicates the end of the file and stop processing commands.

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